Robert Ellis

07.11.2022 15:16

2005 suzuki ignis 1.3 hb gear box


07.11.2022 11:37

Any Nissan x- trail front bearings/bearing hub for sale.

Dangel Auto

07.11.2022 14:37

Good day. Thank you for your query. While we do sell wheel bearings/hubs for the Nissan X-trail, to better assist you, please provide the chassis number.

Kim jun

06.11.2022 16:41

Good morning...any 2013 nissan sylphy computer for sale?

Dangel Auto

07.11.2022 14:36

Good day. We do not sell computers / ECUs

Fritz comrie

01.10.2022 05:03

Good morning seeking an overhaul kit for 1985 isuzu gemini 1.6L engine


03.10.2022 20:26

Good Day,

Unfortunately, not available.


24.09.2022 22:58

Good afternoon I am looking for transmission for 2010 mazda premacy old shape

Dangel Auto

26.09.2022 15:26

Good day. Thank you contacting us. Unfortunately, we do not sell transmissions.

Vidar Olestad

08.09.2022 14:39

Hi, im looking for propshaft support bearings for my peugeot partner dangler 2014

Kerry Miller

02.06.2022 19:29

Good day Do You have brake pad for 2016 nissan note?

Wayne Fong

31.05.2022 21:38

Good day. Do you have Fog Lamps for the 2019 Toyota Rush?

garfield grant

30.05.2022 23:03

good evening do you have parts for 7k engine

Dangel Auto

31.05.2022 11:55

Good day, Thank you for contacting Dangel Auto. Yes, we do sell parts for the 7K engine.

Dangel Auto

30.05.2022 13:41

Good day,
Thank you for contacting Dangel Auto. The cost of the Clutch Master Cylinder is $9,968 for the Japanese made cylinder, or $6,512 for the Taiwan made cylinder.

Keith James

30.05.2022 01:29

Greetings Dangel.
I need a clutch master for the 2011 Ford Ranger.
Chassis: MNBUSFE40BW894758

Rajein Williams

25.05.2022 19:47

Good day, I'm enquiring about 2019 Toyota Hilux left fender liner and front bumper.

Dangel Auto

26.05.2022 13:17

Good day,

Thank you for contacting Dangel Auto Spares. Sorry, but at this time we do not sell body parts.


25.05.2022 15:16

Need a driver door for a 2003 Subaru legacy

Dangel Auto

25.05.2022 15:53

Good day,

We are sorry but we do not sell body parts.


25.05.2022 11:10

Good morning, do you have idle air control valve for Mitsubishi pajero gls 2002?

Dangel Auto

25.05.2022 15:52

Good day,

At the moment we do not have this item in stock.


24.05.2022 16:11

I need a wheel bearing 40x74x36. Part number DAC4074W6CS61 or equivalent. Do you have in stock?

Dangel Auto

24.05.2022 17:04

Good day,

We have the Japanese made wheel bearing $7,445.00 and the Chinese made wheel bearing $2,891.00. Both are in stock and prices include GCT.

Brian Martin

20.05.2022 14:58

I need an oil pump for a 3s engine (Toyota caldina 4 wheel drive, 1997)


20.05.2022 15:20

Good Day unfortunately not available


16.05.2022 17:05

Do you have transmission for 2015 Nissan Xtrail

Sutherland Howard

06.05.2022 17:30

What the price of each 2004 Honda Odyssey mount..(trans& engine)

John B

02.05.2022 17:51

Do you have the ABS w/master cylinder for the 2013 toyota prado?


26.04.2022 13:14

Morning Do you guys have any wheel bearing hub for a Suzuki baleno 2017

Dangel Auto

26.04.2022 14:31

Good day. Thank you for contacting us. Please provide us with the chassis number so that we may be able to accurately quote you.


25.04.2022 15:37

Gm , do u sell side mirrors for mazda car 2014

Dangel Auto

26.04.2022 14:31

Good day, unfortunately we do not sell the side mirror


24.04.2022 12:54

Do you sell Peugeot parts I had a 1995 Peugeot and need a starter, so what the cost for the starter?

Dangel Auto

26.04.2022 14:32

Good day. We do not sell Peugeot parts


21.04.2022 18:02

Do you have a crank sensor for a 99 civic ek3 (d15b engine)?


19.04.2022 22:31

Do you have any AC belt for Suzuki cervo HG21S180210?

Dangel Auto

20.04.2022 14:37

Good day. The cost for the belt is $760


13.04.2022 18:30

Do you have any hr15 manual transmission?

Dangel Auto

20.04.2022 14:38

Good day. We do not sell transmissions

Dennis Taylor

12.04.2022 16:35

Good day I'm in search for splash shield for engine Nissan Serena 2003 QR20080523A

Dangel Auto

20.04.2022 14:38

Good day. We do not sell splash shields.

Donna Lewis

10.04.2022 12:43

I need a adjuster brake for my car it is a nissan bluebird QU14611158 2001 model eprise

Stanford Thomas

09.04.2022 22:29

Suzuki jimny serria side mirror right hand drive right side

Michelle welsh

05.04.2022 15:21

Hello there im seeking some parts for a 2015 mazda demio skyactiv diesel
Transmission mount
Engine mounts
Topics gasket

Dangel Auto

07.04.2022 19:39

Good Day, unfortunately we are out of stock.


04.04.2022 12:46

1992 Toyota Levin
Chassis # - AE101
Model # - E-AE101-ACMZF
Engine - 4A-GE 20valve
Do u have bonnet, front bumper & right front fender???

Dangel Auto

07.04.2022 19:40

Good Day unfortunately we dont sell body parts.

Michael Lee

01.04.2022 11:31

Good mornigjust want to know .I havw two Suzuki carry pick up 2013 and2014 do you stock parts for them let me know my number is 8763719790.

Dangel auto spares

07.04.2022 19:42

Good Day yes we do, please send us a whatsapp message 876-322-5356


01.04.2022 01:29

Sourcing ball joint for 2007 Honda Accord XL


31.03.2022 18:53

Timing belt for 1999 course F34 N07 N5140-5

Tamoya williams

30.03.2022 14:51

Good morning, please provide price quotation

2015 Toyota Highlander V6
Chas#: JTEDP21A460122722

Right front fender
Right fender guard
Right mud splash
Right hup cap
Right control arm
Right strut


24.03.2022 20:07

i need a pair of honda torneo head lights , have 2001 torneo


28.03.2022 19:45

Good Day, unfortunately we dont sell that


23.03.2022 17:55

Do you have any rear shocks for 2008 Honda crv ? What is the cost please


28.03.2022 19:44

Good Day, $9200.00 EA


22.03.2022 13:17

Do you have any engine control unit for 2007 Nissan tiida


28.03.2022 19:42

Good Day, unfortunately we dont sell that


20.03.2022 19:17

Hi do u have any CVT transmission for Nissan note 2013


20.03.2022 00:39

Hi, Nissan March 2012, have any front bumper, upper glove box door and donut spare?


19.03.2022 18:54

Do you have any parts for 2008 daihotsu boon m300s


16.03.2022 15:26

Do you have a transmission for Mitsubishi lancer 2006 engine # 4g18gp2174


09.03.2022 20:51

Do you have back shocks for 97 serena


08.03.2022 07:42

You have balance shaft bearing for 2005 mazda pickup bt500 wl engine


05.03.2022 22:17

Do you have 2012 daihatsu mira rear shock absorber in stock


04.03.2022 15:29

Do u ave Radiator for Toyota RAV4 2011


23.02.2022 14:34

I'm looking a left side control arm and a rack off the part that joins with the tie rod end


16.02.2022 22:07



14.02.2022 21:43

Do you stock rear shocks for 2018 so civic?


11.02.2022 00:28

Looking for window controller for 2009 Nissan Navarro D40 driver & rear Rhys
Also driver door rubber

Shalmon Robinson

10.02.2022 00:57

Do you have 2012 honda stream fender liner in stock?

Latest comments

29.11 | 21:11

Good day. Do you sell 1998 Nissan Frontier front bumper

29.11 | 20:38

Good day. We do not sell lights/lamps for Nissan Cefiro

29.11 | 14:21

2004 sefiro left back light

28.11 | 14:28

Good day. We do not sell the cylinder head. We sell the cylinder head gasket for that vehicles.

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